How To Do Product Testing Via Suzy

Concept TestingAny stage of a product’s life cycle contributes to its success or failure. Suzy can help you accomplish things like Product Testing, Validation, and Iterate Concepts to increase your chances of converting a brilliant idea into a lucrative asset.

What exactly is Suzy? – Suzy is an on-site mode that allows corporate enterprises to provide quick, iterative feedback and evaluation from any target consumers in a matter of minutes. Suzy is always available to collaborate and make faster consumer-centric decisions.

Why Suzy? –

  1. Exact targeting for relevant outcomes- Utilize our exclusive audience for extensive targeting options to get your items into the hands of the appropriate people.
  2. Take care of the logistics-Suzy is also capable of handling logistics. Suzy handles everything from screeners to product delivery and survey dissemination.
  3. Quantitative and qualitative data provide more in-depth insights-Integrate quant and qual data to do a deep dive into the user’s experience with your service.
  4. Never-ending revelations-Future questionnaires should be retargeted to IHUT participants to continue getting input.

Suzy’s Product Testing Process- Suzy Testing normally entails several phases

  1. Validation of a prototype: A product’s testing and validation methods must exist to guarantee that it works as intended to gauge a customer’s purchasing intention.
  2. The experience should be journey mapped: Suzy often covers the customer experience with real users, identifying areas of joy as well as places for development.
  3. Packaging for testing: Suzy always does unpacking testing to learn about package attractiveness and to ensure that you are well-positioned for success.
  4. Gather user claims: When we talk about any product, marketing is required, and marketing is impossible without the product’s consumers’ opinions and perceptions. In other words, User Testing, such as user-based content and claims, delivers marketing messages. Suzy frequently double-checks these important things.
  5. Recognize the sense appeal: Identify how the product appeals to the five senses. What does it smell, taste, feel, sound, and look like to your intended audience?

Conclusion: Take your study beyond the computer screen by allowing clients to engage with your product in person. Using in-home usability testing with Suzy, you may learn how your intended consumers truly feel about and use your product. Utilize quantitative and qualitative research to pinpoint critical times when customers engage all of their senses to offer 360-degree feedback, all inside the Suzy platform



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